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We believe partnering with you is crucial in achieving a successful Glow for Life event

team captain

Create a team and recruit

You plus your friends, family, church members, coworkers, anyone! Help us reach our goal of 800+ participants.

Register and create your team when prompted.

Plan your team

  • Get creative! Come up with a fun name, outfit, etc.

  • Set goals - how many people, fundraising, etc.

  • Set-up a station at your church/group/workplace to recruit and register your people.

  • Get your team pumped up!

Special recognition, bragging rights, & prize for the:

  • Biggest Team

  • Most Team Spirit (best outfits, glow out, etc)


Join the 5 for 1 fundraising challenge and help us reach our goal

Would you like to take your support to the next level? Consider joining our fundraising challenge! Recruit 5 people to give $50 to help 1 family get started in our parenting support program. Just $250 will make a huge difference! 


It’s easy! Simply share the race donation page or and direct your friends/family to click donate (make sure they choose “In Honor Of” and type your name). Or collect cash/check!

Our goal: 80 people committed to the challenge to raise $20,000. Will you join?


Contact us for promotional tools and tips! 


*Special recognition at the event for everyone who meets the challenge of $250. For anyone who raises $500 or more, you will receive a special gift from BFR!


**100% of donations collected will go directly to strengthening families in our community. Your race entry fees will go toward covering the cost of the race. 


***Please note that fundraising participants who donate to you are NOT automatically registered for the race. They are giving to you. If they would like to walk/run or receive a t-shirt, please send them to our registration link at



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